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Do you love mixtures of pretty colours, or the rainbow? MIA FLORIST’s mixed colour Roses are the best option for your loved ones. They come in different colour categories — warm colours, cool colours, neutral colours and bright colours, just to make your recipient’s day. The beautiful Mixed Roses are available in various amounts in a bouquet. Since the roses involve several colours, there is no single rose for this. However, the mixed bouquets come in a dozen, 25 Roses in a bouquet, 50 flowers in a bouquet for greater effect, and a 100 pieces of Mixed Roses for the best effect, especially when you want to wish someone to get well soon. We have several arrangements of the mixed Roses, and they all have long stem for great support. Our Miami florists assist in the arrangements, grooming and care of the mixed Roses. Our mixed flower compositions come in a mixture of colours such as red, yellow, blue, peach, amongst others, but they are cheap and affordable for you. Purchase this for a person special to you today.

Do you want to express a wish of happiness for a person? This flower option is the best for your recipient. We have available Congratulations flowers, Get Well Flowers and Birthday flowers. Mixed Congratulations flowers are efficient in helping a person who has just earned something great feel appreciated and congratulated. Mixed Roses support the person in knowing that there is someone out there who believes in them. They would also cherish these mixed Roses because of the happiness they derive from it. Mixed Get Well flowers allow a sick or bed-ridden feel better than before, knowing that a person has brightened up their day with mixed flowers. Also, this sick person could read behind the colours and understand that there are various situations in life, so the present condition of sickness could turn to a condition of healthiness. This gives the courage and strength to feel better and healthy again. Mixed Birthday flowers allow the birthday celebrant add to their collection of birthday presents, and even use the flowers to decorate their birthday party venue.

Delivery Options and Date

To check out the Mixed Roses for sale, you can order them online or visit our flower shop in Miami. Also, if you need us to send the flowers on your behalf, you can order them and indicate when you want them to be sent. Our delivery is a fast system, as we deliver at the right time– we have same day delivery, next day delivery and if you want mixed flowers to be delivered urgently, we would get them delivered today upon your request. You can select your favourite Mixed Roses based on the price suitable for you or even the amount in the bouquet you think is more preferable for your recipient. If you aren’t certain of the flower arrangement to purchase, our Miami florists will help you out with your selection.