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February 14 always rings a bell—Valentine’s Day. One beautiful thing about this occasion is love, and another beautiful thing is ‘ROSES’. Every woman wants to be given a rose on Valentine’s Day, so what are you waiting for? In addition to the high supply of our Valentine’s Day flowers, we have a Valentine’s Day sale whereby we would give you the best deals since this is a day which everyone orders Valentine’s flowers to send flowers for Valentine’s Day. There will be a discount on the Valentine’s Day flowers, compared to normal prices. Our Miami florists ensure these Valentine’s Day flowers are put in the best and most beautiful arrangements possible.  During Valentine season, we engage in a Valentine’s Day delivery whereby we have a special team of florists that will deliver the Valentine’s roses. These roses come in a long stem with which to hold firmly in the bouquet. Send a beautiful bouquet of MIA FLORIST’ Valentine’s flowers to your Valentine—your Valentine does not have to be your lover, so we have another category of Valentine’s Day flowers for simply a ‘Valentine’ and not necessarily your lover. Valentine’s Day is a special day to express love to different people, so MIA FLORIST is the ideal flower shop for you to get your Valentine’s Day flowers. The flowers come in lovely floral patterns, courtesy of our professional Miami florists who create beautiful Valentine’s flowers. Order you Valentine’s Day flowers for your special Valentine at MIA FLORIST flower shop.

Delivery Options and Date

Order your Valentine’s Day flowers online or visit our flower shop in Miami in case you might also need help selecting the bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers you will need to send to your Valentine. If you are not able to visit our flower shop in Miami, you can search for the Valentine’s Day flowers available for sale online on MIA FLORIST’ website. Give us a call if you need further assistance or additional enquiries. Indicate the date, time and location of delivery, and we will get your Valentine’s Day roses delivered to you in due time. Our delivery is swift, as we run a same day and next day delivery—if you need the flowers on the day you have ordered, we will deliver them on the same day; likewise, if you need the Valentine’s Day flowers on the day after you have ordered, we will deliver them the next day. In addition, in cases of urgency and impromptu orders, we are always here for you. Your Valentine’s Day roses will be delivered on the same day, and we always ensure the flowers are kept neatly, well arranged and free form all kinds of damage. We do not encourage excuses so you are rest assured that your bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers is delivered in the best state possible. We also have the option to deliver the Valentine’s Day flowers on your behalf, in cases of surprises.