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$60-$80 BOUQUETS

At MIA FLORIST, we have affordable roses at the rate of $60- $80. These bouquets are our most affordable flowers, and they come in a huge arrangement of 50 flowers. All roses are carefully gathered in beautiful bouquets by our Miami florists. These flowers have long stem, but are not so heavy, as they are kept in a huge bouquet which supports the weight. We have the most roses used for holding these flowers, and the price depends on the size, colour and weight of the roses. Our Miami florists are professionals at floral decorations, and they would arrange your roses in a proper and beautiful pattern.

These roses are used specifically for Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries. Don’t wait till February 14 before you decide to buy a gift for your Valentine—add MIA FLORIST’ most affordable bouquet of roses to your list to make that special Valentine smile. Also, if you want to send a heart robbing message to her on the note tagged to the bouquet, we have experts at handwritings who will ensure that the message is relayed properly and clearly. You can even write the message yourself for greater effect, based on your request. The same goes for the Anniversary flowers—start planning a great surprise for your spouse with MIA FLORIST’ affordable bouquet. You can also arrange a breakfast in bed with our beautiful bouquet of 50 roses for your partner. Our bouquet of beautiful roses gives a great impact on the celebration of your relationship. We have beautiful colours that will attract your partner, alongside lovely fragrances you can choose from. A lot of flowers will make your partner excited when you are presenting them. The best effect comes when it’s a surprise. You can buy affordable flowers at MIA FLORIST Flower shop — the best place for you to buy affordable roses at the rate of $60- $80.

Delivery Options and Date

To know the affordable bouquet of roses for sale, visit our flower shop in Miami, or order them online through our website. Patronising MIA FLORIST, you can rest assured that your bouquet is intact, well taken care of and is as fresh as possible for at least 7 days. You can select the bouquet of flowers you desire on our website, placing the order as early as possible; you can also place order at our shop in Miami, and your order would be added to our records. Also, you do not have to worry about the time for delivery—at your request, your bouquet of flowers would be delivered on time. We have the option for same day delivery and next day delivery, so you can be certain that the delivery will be made fast. We always ensure that our customers are satisfied, and that is why our team of Miami florists take good care of your bouquet during delivery.