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At MIA FLORIST, our bridal bouquet of roses is the best option for your wedding day. We have several kinds of bridal bouquets, and they are not only for the bride, but for the entire train: the little bride and the bridesmaids. When you purchase all of these bouquets, you are rest assured of a beautiful wedding. MIA FLORIST’ Bridal bouquet comes in several colors, relating to the theme color of the wedding. Our small bridal bouquet is the perfect bouquet for little brides who walk on the aisle before the bride comes in. The bridesmaids bouquets are not the same size as that of the bride, but they are relatively smaller than the bride’s bouquet because the bride is the centre of the wedding. You could also purchase roses for a wedding, if you are a wedding guest. It could be a way of congratulating the bride and groom. The event planners could also buy a big bouquet of roses for the wedding reception which they can use to decorate the hall. Our bridal bouquets have long stem with which to hold the bouquet firm, and the roses are kept in beautiful floral arrangements for the bouquet to stay in place and not allow the flowers to wither away. The hot pink wedding bouquet is sometimes preferable, but the white bouquet of bridal flowers is the most popularly used during weddings. It is said that the white bouquet of bridal roses signify a fresh start in the bride’s life with purity, happiness, peace and love.

Delivery Options and Date

To purchase our beautiful bouquet of bridal roses for that wonderful wedding, you can order it online via our website. All you need to do is search the catalog, and you will see the list of bridal roses. Choose the bouquet of roses with a price suitable for the upcoming wedding. If you need us to make arrangements on the day of the wedding, and at the venue, we are available for you. Also, if you need us to deliver the bridal flowers on time, you do not have to worry. MIA FLORIST is known for a fast delivery system, and we will ensure that your bridal flowers are kept safely and neatly. We operate on a same day and next day delivery service, that is, when you order one of our bridal bouquet of roses on a particular day, we will get them delivered on that same day. Likewise, if you order one of our bridal flowers on a particular day, it will get delivered the next day. Our Miami florists are always available to organise the maintenance of the bridal roses during delivery. If you have a hard time selecting flowers, visit our flower shop in Miami, and we will give you all the assistance you need. If you need us to send the roses to the bride on your behalf, we will have our team to handle efficient delivery.