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$40-$60 BOUQUETS

At MIA FLORIST, our inexpensive flowers cost between $40 and $60. They are gathered in affordable flower arrangements, and are combined in the most popular bouquet. The floral designs are beautiful, and the colours are mostly white, pink and all other colours for bridal bouquets. These flowers are popularly used for weddings due to their fairly light weight and plenty flowers in the bouquet. A dozen roses cannot be used for weddings because the effect would not be produced, and the 50 and 100 flowers cannot also be used because they may be too heavy and voluminous for the bride to hold on her wedding day. These 25 roses in a bouquet are the best flowers to purchase for a bride-to-be, so she can moderately hold her beautiful bouquet while she walks down the aisle, kisses her groom and continues with the entire occasion. These beautiful roses have long stem which make it comfortable for the bride to hold on her wedding day. Also, they are kept in a beautiful bouquet which never wither or fall; they are intact and come in beautiful arrangements, thanks to our professional Miami florists who put the flowers together and groom them. The best online flower shop to buy inexpensive flowers is MIA FLORIST  in Miami.

Delivery Options and Date

To order our inexpensive bouquet of roses, go to our website and place your order. Also indicate the date and location you would want it delivered—at MIA FLORIST, we are extremely obedient to delivery dates and times. Once there is an impromptu request for our inexpensive bouquet, we can have it delivered on the same day. We have same day and next day delivery available so that your bouquet is still intact, fresh and brand new. You could also visit our flower shop in Miami whenever you’re on the bridal shopping—tell us your wedding date, and we would have your bouquet delivered to you as we shall include it in our records. We can have the bouquet delivered today, if you order right now—our Miami florists are dedicated to ensuring that the flowers are readily available for sale. This urgent order can be made online, and you can visit our flower shop to make your purchase. We also ensure that during delivery, your bouquet is safe—our Miami florists are professionals at maintaining a bouquet before and during the delivery process to ensure that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the bouquet during the wedding. Are you just friends with the bride?  Order MIA FLORIST’ inexpensive bouquet for her today!